Chesterfield Models

When it comes to “The Chesterfield BrandTM", House of Chesterfield is your exclusive sales partner. Our brand distinguishes itself as the only real Chesterfield and has the highest level of quality. The model we use in our collection is the Chesterfield Original.

At House of Chesterfield you can choose from 3 different versions: Antique, Uni and Vintage. These versions are available in different sizes, types of leather, appearance and colours. The choice is enormous and a unique and contemporary piece of The Chesterfield BrandTM furniture is available to everyone.

Chesterfield factory

The Chesterfield Brand™ is the most prominent brand regarding the original Chesterfield furniture. The furniture of this original brand is handmade in the traditional way. The production takes place in our own factory and tannery and we employ only the best skilled craftsmen who know their profession down to the smallest detail.

Consider the differences

All versions of the Chesterfield Original are made of the highest quality leather. These versions have small differences, mainly with regard to the type of leather, colour, appearance and the composition of the cushions.

The most important differences of the Antique, Uni en Vintage are:
 Execution  Antique  Uni  Vintage
 Type of  Leather  100% Cow-hide  100% Cow-hide  100% Cow-hide
 Colour  5 leather  colours  3 leather  colours  3 leather  colours
 Characteristic/  look  Appearance  Classic  Hand-  washed   Dyed one  colour only  Retro/Vintage  style
 Cushion  Spring-core  Tight with  spring-core  Tight with  spring- core   
 Shabby  without  spring-core