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Chesterfield Original 5-seat Sofa Wash Off Purple

Wash off Purple - Handmade 100% Real Leather

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Chesterfield Original 5-seat Sofa Wash Off Purple

Classic elegance and stylish design come together in this antique purple Chesterfield 5-seat couch, made of bovine leather. The couch from the Original series of The Chesterfield Brand has a length of 300 cm and offers space to 5 persons. Quality leather is combined with wood of top quality and handmade details that make the couch unique and ensure a true eye-catcher in every space.

House of Chesterfield offers you a complete quality package, including standard 12 years warranty on your purchases. You also enjoy a fast service and we always offer the lowest price quality. With a 5-seat couch from our assortment you transform your home into an English palace!

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Technical specifications

Model: Chesterfield Original
Material: Leather
Color: Antique purple
Dimensions: W: 300 cm, H: 79 cm, D: 92 cm, Seat height: 50 cm, Seat depth: 56 cm
Delivery period: 7-9 weeks

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done 5 year transferable warranty done Original Chesterfield certificate of authenticity done Handmade from 100% cow leather If you want to adjust this Chesterfield sofa to your own wishes, go to