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Chesterfield Original 5-seat Sofa Wash Off Green

Wash off Green - Handmade 100% Real Leather

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Chesterfield Original 5-seat Sofa Wash Off Green

Antique green is a beautiful, atmospheric colour that finds a space in every house. This antique green Chesterfield 5-seat couch originates from the Original collection of The Chesterfield Brand and has a total length of 300 cm. As a result it offers space to 5 persons. The use of quality leather ensures, together with the woodwork, that you are able to sit comfortably and the couch gets it unique design.

House of Chesterfield gladly lets you enjoy optimal sitting comfort and a stylish and timeless interior for many years. We therefore offer standard 12 years warranty on our products and ensure a fast service and the lowest price guarantee. 

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Technical specifications

Model: Chesterfield Original
Material: Leather
Color: Antique green
Dimensions: W: 300 cm, H: 79 cm, D: 92 cm, Seat height: 50 cm, Seat depth: 56 cm
Delivery period: 7-9 weeks

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