Chesterfield Sofa Leather / Chesterfield 5-seat Sofa

Chesterfield 5 seat Sofa
Are you looking for an original and official piece of Chesterfield furniture? In that case you came to the right place at House of Chesterfield. We are the official sales partner of The Chesterfield Brand in the Netherlands. We will bring the authentic Chesterfield furniture directly from our factory to your location. In this way all of the Netherlands can enjoy original Chesterfield furniture, with which we provide a certificate of authenticity.

Luxurious and comfortable
Chesterfield furniture is handmade from 100% bovine leather. The furniture obtains its characteristic appearance by its use of buttons. When making the sofas solid wood is used, that is very firm and provides the robust shape to the sofa. At House of Chesterfield you are at the right place for a wide choice of Chesterfield 5-seat sofas. Here you can choose for a sofa from the Original or the Vintage series. Chesterfield Original and Chesterfield Vintage sofas differ in a few elements. The leather of the Chesterfield Vintage 5-seat sofas is only processed with wax, as a result, it obtains its old and used look. This does not alter the quality of the leather which is the same as the quality as the Original sofas. Chesterfield furniture is made with the highest quality leather available. For the cushions of the Chesterfield Vintage 5-seat sofas, packed polyether flakes are used instead of the standard  inner spring core. This provides the cushions with their beautiful, retro look.

Making the right choice
Because of the high quality of Chesterfield furniture, it lasts for many years in your interior. That is why it is important to make the right choice when choosing a Chesterfield Vintage 5-seat sofa. These sofas are also available in different colours. Are you not entirely sure what you should choose? You can contact us for advice. House of Chesterfield has been the expert in the area of Chesterfield furniture for many years already. We will gladly help you in making the right choice.